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Our Vision

In the ever-changing landscape, we strongly felt a need to simplify the adoption of technologies or the democratization of technologies. SDxWORx is, therefore, bridging the gap between the complex solution and its simplification for the end-user to provide an "easy button" to our customers.

Our Story

We are a team partnering with all major cloud providers, Aviatrix, Cisco, VMware, etc. We have lived through the transformations AND technical evolutions and earned experience over decades. When the world came to halt during the pandemic, we availed this chance to reinvent ourselves. Lockdown taught us that any business on the ground may come to a halt anywhere/ anytime. Cloud moves freely to serve all. So why not network clouds?

Our Experience

Over 100+ years of collective industry experience in designing, implementing and optimizing large scale secure networks leveraging multi-vendor solutions.

We work with

Let us show you how you can adopt the right multi-cloud network architecture for your business. We can flexibly network your complete cloud and handover you the control to run it with simplicity in a cost-effective way to supercharge your business’s cloud agility.

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